• Zwei Kulturen – eine Familie: Das Beispiel deutsch-indischer Eltern und ihrer Kinder;
    Verlag für Interkulturelle Kommunikation, Frankfurt a. M. 1988.
    The emphasis in this study is on its empirical part, which analyzes the results of open interviews with ten Indian-German families. The results show, among other things, that these families have developed their own strategies to cope with cultural differences.

  • „…und ich bin bunt!“: Bi-kulturelle Erziehung in der Familie, Edited and publishec by:Verband binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften, iaf e.V. (www.verband-binationaler.de ) , Frankfurt a. M. 1990.
    This guidebook for parents, who hail from different countries or cultures, discusses subjects like bilingualism, religion, family roles, racism and problems, which may occur in case of separation or divorce of such parents. (Excerpt, only in German)

  • Wenn Schulen sich öffnen: Ein Handbuch für die interkulturelle Praxis, Hrsg.: Amt für multikulturelle Angelegenheiten und Schuldezernat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main, dipa-Verlag Frankfurt a. M. 1996.
    The first part of the book is an introduction to different fields of intercultural learning, such as getting to know other cultures, cooperating with parents, dealing with different gender roles, appreciating multilingualism, living together with other religions, dealing with xenophobia and facing the challenge of violence and crime. Each chapter contains the description of an exemplary project and possible partners for schools to cooperate with. The much shorter second part of the book deals with a number of practical questions such as school organization, contractual arrangements, questions of insurance etc. (Excerpt, only in German)

  • Das Betasten des Elefanten, Länderinformationen für deutsch-indische Paare, Edited and published by.: Verband binationaler Familien und Partnerschaften, iaf e.V. (www.verband-binationaler.de ) , Frankfurt a.M. 1998.
    This information brochure deals with the immigration of Indians into Germany, their legal situation as well as some aspects of Indian culture such as the importance of the family and the role of women in India. Questions, which often come up during visits to India are also discussed. Finally the subject of migrating to India and the legal situation there is taken up. (Excerpt, only in German)