We build bridges between cultures. In doing so, we focus mainly on our two home countries Germany and India, but also on intercultural relations in general. We use different means, increasingly those of creative and artistic nature. For a long time, emphasis has been on our writings and translations. The purpose of this website is to share our activities with you. You’ll find here information about our old and new writings as well as our future projects. This way we hope to make it easier for interested people to access our books. At the same time we want to draw attention to some neglected subjects. In Germany one of them is the contemporary literature in Indian languages, for example Hindi, which has hardly received the attention it deserves. In India, on the other hand, questions of intercultural communication and intercultural learning are such a neglected subject, in spite of the cultural diversity of the country. Our website is meant to encourage changes in perspective – changes which we, too, need to make again and again. Therefore, we are looking forward to all responses, which we may receive from our visitors.